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We commend ourselves as creative, reliable and sympathetic people who spare no effort to give our clients good value. A request for our service is welcomed with a precise statement about what we can do to provide that service. Our clients soon find out that they are free to put their requests candidly. Experienced as we are at sorting out writing and study-related problems, we cannot but respond equally candidly: We know where we can and cannot accommodate you, so nothing you ask us will draw a vague answer.


Sophie Johnson                        does most of the editing, proofreading and writing, but pressure of work sometimes obliges her to seek other editors' help. She graduated from the University of Melbourne, where she read for her BA degree in English and Philosophy before continuing to MA studies in Philosophy.

She took a post-graduate Diplomas in education from the Hawthorn Institute of Education (Dip.Ed) and from the Royal Society of Arts (Cambridge Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults).

A long-time employee of the Education Department of Victoria at its Distance Education Centre, author of The Stuff of Argument and freelance editor, she supplemented her Australian professional life with several working visits to the UK, where she taught for the Kent, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire Local Education Authorities, wrote for the Meno Thinking Skills Service, a University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate, and worked as a freelance editor for several commercial publishers of teaching texts.

She is currently the proprietor and principal tutor of English Grammar Tutor. Having posted her work, the grammar book The Well Bred Sentence, on this site in mid-2001, she now hopes to find time to complete her new work, Spelling Facts.

A committed grammarian, she welcomes all discourse on linguistics, and undertakes to be gracious when felled by friendly fire.